The Minnesota Cutting Horse Association (MCHA) invites you to join the excitement and fun of cutting with us!

Overview of where to find the information you need:

About Us: Here you will find the contact information for our great board of directors, MCHA rules and a little more info on our association. We are part of the National Cutting Horse Association, and our Circuit is the Big Sky Circuit. You can go to the NCHA site here: Home and the overall NCHA rulebook here.

Schedule: Here you will find the MCHA show schedule. The NCHA site also has schedule links that shows all the shows available in all circuits separated into weekend events and limited age events (LAE).

Weekend shows can be found here: Weekend Events Calendar

Limited age events can be found here: Aged Events Calendar

Standings: Here is where you can find out the MCHA year to date standings for each class. If you’d like to see the NCHA overall standings, you can click here: Standings & Results

News: Club highlights will be found here. For most news and updates please visit our Facebook page at Minnesota Cutting Horse Association

Trainers: We are extremely fortunate to have excellent trainers who are part of the MCHA! Their contact info can be found here if you would like to connect with one of them.

Sponsors: Our sponsors are vital to helping us continue our mission and celebrate our members. Please check out this page and thank and support our sponsors!

Join: We invite you to join the MCHA. You can find the MCHA form here or sign up directly at one of our shows. All MCHA members must also be NCHA members to complete in a NCHA class. The NCHA membership page can be found here: Getting Started

Links: Please join our Links page for more helpful information including the contact information for our photographer and videographer who capture great moments from our shows and events. Pictures and videos can be purchased through them.

We hope to see you soon at one of our events!