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The MCHA would like to encourage anyone with an interest in the thrill of cutting to come and attend an event. Check out the schedule below for the show dates remaining and locations. The MCHA is extremely pleased to see the large number of beginner cutters that are showing. Congratulations to the latest Rookie Buckle winner, Brody Angstman. If you have an interest in learning to ride a cutter the Rookie class is a great way to start. Come and join the fun.

If you have an interest in learning to ride a cutter, the Rookie Class is a great way to start. Come and join the fun. The Rookie Class is held at all MCHA cuttings and is open to any beginner.

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MCHA 2020 Show Schedule

March 6 – 8 Cannon Falls, MN

April 4 – 5 Nevis, MN

April 24 – 26 Nevis, MN

May 22 – 26 at Strait Rail Ranch in Nevis, MN

June 12 – 14 Winona, MN

June 26th – 28th Summer Slam – Winona, MN

July 18th – 19th North Branch, MN (MCHA produced)

July 31 – Aug 2 Winona, MN

August 15th – 16th Nevis, MN

Sept. 18 – 20, Winona, MN

October 9 – 11, Fall Festival of Cutting (MCHA produced)

What’s new

The MCHA North Branch Cutting was a great success. It would not have been possible without the efforts of so many people; Dave Scribner worked extremely hard to make the event happen, between lining up cattle, hauling gate panels, securing water tanks, ordering sand for the arena, etc., etc., Most people do not realize the amount of work that goes into putting on a cutting. A huge thank you to those that really stepped up to help; Travis Grover came up a couple days early to help Dave with all the set up and so many were helping throughout the weekend; JP Bell, Bob Janssen, Dave Hamilton, Jerry Brecke, and Luke Barnhart to name a few. I apologize to anyone that I failed to mention but the MCHA appreciates each and everyone of you. Also, a special thank you to all of the helpers in the show pen. It was horribly hot on Saturday (a real sweat fest) but they stuck it out all day. Thanks guys, we couldn’t do it without you. The other person that needs to a big thank you is our MCHA secretary, Dava Scribner. She is definitely what keeps the MCHA running…thanks Dava!

Brian Cottrell and Jenna Brantner win 2019 MCHA Saddle Shootout!

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Whether you’re a novice rider or have spent a lifetime in a saddle, the Minnesota Cutting Horse Association and its members invite you to join them for the ride of a lifetime, aboard the world’s most athletic equines. From March through October, the MCHA typically holds at least one cutting a month. And now, our parent organization, the National Cutting Horse Association, is offering FREE one- year memberships to qualifying members. Contact the MCHA today for details.



In his high school days, Brian Cottrell rose most mornings at 3:30 to help milk the family’s 40 cows. This was near Finlayson, about an hour south of Duluth, and the youngster’s farm work would continue a couple of hours. Then he’d power-nap before boarding the yellow bus that stopped at the end of the family’s driveway, ready again for a day of school.

The young boy didn’t begrudge the labor the cows commanded. But neither was he intrigued by them the way he was by horses. His grandpa was a draft horse trainer who had taught a stud of his to jump into the back of his truck. Mares at the time expected their paramours to come to them, not the other way around. So grandpa and his stud rode the circuit.

“That horse would jump into the truck without a problem. He knew where he was going,’’ Brian, now 60, said. “Grandpa didn’t always get paid in cash. Sometimes he’d come home with eggs or a couple of chickens.’’

Brian was recalling this a short while after he won a new saddle last weekend at the Minnesota Equestrian Center in Winona. A cutting horse rider, he was aboard Moneymaker, his 8-year-old gelding, when he marked a 75 to best a veritable bunkhouse full of riders who also had their eye on the new stirrup-hanger.

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