The Minnesota Cutting Horse Association (MCHA) exists to nurture and support the greatest equine athletes in the world, Cutting Horses. Bred and born of necessity in the Old West, these magnificent animals, their welfare and promotion are the focus of the association and its members.

Honoring the western lifestyle of which cutting horses are a centerpiece, MCHA members embrace the most fundamental tenets of the Cowboy Code, specifically they take pride in their work, and when a promise is made, they keep it.

By necessity, cutting horse associations serve a single constituency, but with many agendas. Trainers and show promoters, for example, earn their livings training and promoting, while rider-enthusiasts are drawn to cutting by its many challenges, the recreation value their performance animals afford, and for their love of the horses themselves.

Among these many moving parts, a natural tension can and often does exist, which MCHA members acknowledge and strive to accommodate — knowing that, no matter what draws a man, woman or child to the organization, throwing a leg over a cutting horse is a privilege and thrill like no other.

* The Minnesota Cutting Horse Association is a proud affiliate of the National Cutting Horse Association

Dava Scribner, Secretary/Treasurer
32055 Hemingway Avenue
Stacy, Minnesota 55079
Phone: 612-508-7240 Email: [email protected]