Liability Release

Release of Liability and Waiver of Responsibility

As a condition to participate in any event or undertaking sponsored by, held in association with or related to the NCHA, and/or its affiliates, including the MCHA, participants and/or their relatives, heirs or agents agree to RELEASE any and all show producers, directors, officers, employees, members, agents and representatives from all claims, demands, or causes of action of any kind or nature whatsoever; whether now existing or to hereafter accrue, on account of any damage, cost or expense (i) AS A RESULT OF ANY BODILY INJURY, LOSS OR DAMAGE TO ANY ANIMALS, EQUIPMENT OR OTHER PERSONAL PROPERTY FROM ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE SOLE OR CONCURRENT NEGLIGENCE OF NCHA, ITS AFFILIATES AND THEIR RESPECTIVE DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS OR REPRESENTATIVES; or (ii) as a result of the interpretation or enforcement of the NCHA or MCHA Constitution, Bylaws, Rules or Regulations and the risk of any such damage, costs or expense which may occur by reason of foregoing is hereby assumed and accepted.

This waiver is binding on all riders, onlookers, observers, grooms and other helpers associated with the participation of the horse(s) described herein in all such events and said participants, observers and others hereby indemnify the NCHA and MCHA from all claims, demands, or causes of action based on any of the foregoing.


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